Three Boys, One Camera

Three Boys, One Camera

Go behind the scenes with Michael, David and Brett for a look at how the Carpool Crew write, plan and produce their comedy videos.

6 Episodes

Three boys one camera episode 1

Episode 1

Go behind-the-scenes with Michael, David and Brett to see how the Carpool crew produce their videos and deal with conflict, lest they suffer surprising (and permanent) consequences.

Released: February 3, 2015
Three boys one camera episode 2

Episode 2

Still reeling from the sudden, absurd events of the previous episode, things will never be the same for David and Brett when they receive a surprise visit from a relative of the recently-deceased Michael.

Released: February 10, 2015
Three boys one camera episode 3

Episode 3

Picking up where they left off before Michael's untimely death, the boys contemplate making a new funny video, only to realise they'll need to call in the help of some external talent...

Released: February 24, 2015
Three boys one camera episode 4

Episode 4

David is terminally ill! The founder of Carpool is about to die a slow and painful death. But before he dies, he has so many videos to finish off and he needs the help of his unpaid employees to pull it off.

Released: February 7, 2016
Three boys one camera episode 5

Episode 5

Shock! Surprise! Twist! David isn't dead, he merely sustained enough brain damage to make him believe he’s some sort of spirit guru! Now he wants to to shut Carpool down, what are Brett and Butcher to do?

Released: May 20, 2016
Three boys one camera episode 6

Episode 6

The Carpool crew’s tireless efforts have been recognised, and now their movie has been green lit! But tensions between Butcher and Brett begin to rise, as New David manipulates the situation to create true authenticity for his vision.

Released: December 5, 2017