Aussie Boys

Aussie Boys

Yo yo yo! It’s ya boize Mike and Davo here to give you the true blue lowdown on how to be a real man’s man, man. Fuckin’ oath.

3 Episodes

How to pick up chicks

How to Pick Up Chicks

Yo, bitches, its goin down with Its Goin Down, where Mike and Davo tell yous how to pick up chicks and FUCK 'EM! Don't forget to hit us up on our website. Peace!

Released: November 18, 2015
Getting ready for a night out

Getting ready for a NIGHT OUT - Ch-check It Out!

Mike and Davo are back, bigger than ever, and are comin your way to sex up ya mum and show yous how to have the raddest friday night of your fucking shitty stupid life. Take it from us professionals.

Released: November 18, 2016
How to be a man

How to be a Man - Last Resort: Ep. 1

One half of the Auzzie Boys are back, with Miko and his cuz Brazzo here to tell you soft kuntz how to be manly men!!

Released: March 27, 2018