Michael Butcher

Primary talent, and writer

Michael Butcher was born in 1991 in Western Australia, as a child he showed no extraordinary talent at all. He was taken to a leading child psychologist who was astounded with how totally unremarkable Michael was. “I've never seen, in all my years of practice, a child who is so very mediocre.” said veteran child psychologist Doctor Harold Shrenberger. “Most of the children who I've seen are extremely talented in composing symphonies, abstract mathematics and painting. But Michael, amazingly, displays none of these talents, nor the capacity to master any intense diciplines.”

Truly, Michael was a special child. Many unremarkable years passed, until one day in his late teens, he discovered his true passion in life, which was recording “funny” voices into a shitty microphone and putting those voices over the top of movies. The world of comedy was never the same again.

Now as an emotionally stunted adult, along with David Morgan-Brown and Brett Jones, he writes and fumbles his way through directing some of the groundbreaking short films you see on Carpool today. The future looks bright for Michael Butcher, unless he dies today… Or tomorrow.